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Cross Platform, Fast, Online/Offline. Unmatched, easy and efficient User Interface. Best User Experience Guaranteed.


Capable of customization you and your organization /company needs, uncompromising user Experience Guaranteed.


Plain Simple Enterprise Solution / ERP offering all kinds of modules you may need and more being developed as we speak.


Intra-net or/and Cloud Based Platform spreading over multiple time zones. Long Term Support.

Brand new ERP to blow your mind and ease your work flow

We’ve made an ERP
that will change your experience of using one.

An ERP for you to deliver excellence and optimized productivity.

A.L.E.N. helps reduce the surplus and helps your organization's daily practices save money. A.L.E.N. include a complete ERP that can be adopted by a wide variety of businesses, whether tiny, small, medium or large businesses and and organizations.

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Point of Sale and Retail Management

A.L.E.N. Dashboard

Quicker Sales, smaller queues. The most efficient way to sell is Point of Sale. It enables retailers and other businesses to accept payments, track customers, manage inventory, provide loyalty incentives and obtain real time performance reports.

  1. Payment Gateway Integrated
  2. POS Hardware Support
  3. Pinpad Support


Supply Chain Management

A.L.E.N. Dashboard

Even if your business is at higher place in supply chain, you can manage sales and purchases and keep track of them with immense ease. A.L.E.N. guarantees the fastest way to record these transactions. Have your supply chain opt for A.L.E.N. and see the business efficiency increase ten folds.

  1. SCOR Model Compliant
  2. Hardware Integration


Inventory Management

A.L.E.N. Dashboard

Inventory Management is one of the very crucial part of every business. A.L.E.N. has the fastest and most accurate methods to record and manage incoming and outgoing inventory. A.L.E.N. offers techniques for efficient and error free inventory management.

  1. Inventory analysis
  2. Demand Forcasting
  3. Stock Auditing


Accounts, Finance & Tax Management

A.L.E.N. Dashboard

A.L.E.N. Books itself is also an efficient accounting system that requires minimal human interventions. You just require to focus on your actual trade and your accounting shall be ready. A.L.E.N. Books is independently is also capable as a complete accounting system.

  1. Real-Time Accounting
  2. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Ledgers Accounts
  3. Profit and Loss Reports
  4. Balance Sheet Finalization
  5. Supports Taxation for GST(India), VAT and No Tax Countries


Human Resource Management

A.L.E.N. Dashboard

Human Resource Management is the most required feature for any organization. A.L.E.N Offers HRMS that allows to manage your employees and the operations related to them on finger tips.

  1. Get Organogram Report
  2. Enhanced Recruitment Management
  3. Attendance & Payrolls
  4. KRA Calculation & Performance management
  5. Career path and promotion process


Branches, Employees & Access Control

A.L.E.N. Dashboard

A.L.E.N ERP can be setup to work as a centralized system for large businesses having multiple branches and multiple locations. You can assign you resources and human resources to these locations and branches and have control on who can access what.

  1. Can be run as Centralized System
  2. User, Roles, Department and Branch Mapping
  3. Helps in Access Control


Customer Relationship Management

A.L.E.N. Dashboard

Manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer life-cycle with the goal of improving business relationships with customer, assisting in customers retention and driving sales growth.

  1. Helps to manage your growing database and speeds up the growth process.
  2. Centralized data decreases operational redundancies
  3. Builds long-lasting relationships with customers.
  4. Determine how and where to make improvements in your business.


Help Desk and Ticketing

A.L.E.N. Dashboard

Actual satisfaction come to them post-sales support on sold/leased services/products, when they get enough help from the merchandise/service providers. A ticketing system also known as HELP DESK helps you record service requests and unexpected incidents, categorize them, prioritize them and assign work force and work flow in order to favor the demands. The Help Desk is typically more tactical with the primary goal being to help quickly resolve end user's immediate needs and technical issues and incidents.

  1. Act as a single point of contact (SPOC) for IT Support
  2. Automated ticket tracking, routing and email notifications
  3. Problem resolution and escalation procedures
  4. Managing the Knowledge Base
  5. Adhering to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  6. Self-Service options for end users


E - Commerce Integration

A.L.E.N. Dashboard

A.L.E.N. is built from scratch with sole purpose of monetizing the business along with meeting demands of an Enterprise Resource Solution. This modern age ERP can be configured to support e-commerce app and mobile application with only setting up the required counterpart website or app. A.L.E.N. enables you to take your business online in less then 3 weeks*.

  1. Integration with your country’s payment options
  2. Mobile-Friendly Website
  3. Security (SSL certificate, PCI DSS compliant, Firewall)
  4. Quick Integration with Mobile App
  5. Self-Assessment Questionnaire


Online/Offline Synchronization

A.L.E.N. Dashboard

A.L.E.N. ERP is designed to obtained seamless operations with or without Internet availability. A.L.E.N. offers very effective data synchronization method for having the platform available to you at all times. These framework also provides data to client as and when they need it.

  1. Integrated online backup
  2. Required in Multi-branch, multi-location and MNCs
  3. Near Ubiquitous Environment
  4. True Cloud Environment


In-Built Email Client

A.L.E.N. Dashboard

A.L.E.N. is created to increase efficiency of operations. The in-built email client helps employees by bringing all the emails inside the framework only. This creates less distraction and improve his/her performance while decreasing the switching time spent.

  1. Multiple Accounts Support
  2. Integrated with Help Desk & CRM
  3. Save as Appointment
  4. Save to To-Do List


Offers & Promotions

A.L.E.N. Dashboard

Create Offers and promotions , Set Discounts and publish campaigns for your products and services. A.L.E.N. eases and helps manage offers on products and service you provide. This will allow you to sell products without having to remember the offers and the system will notify you for it.

  1. Manage Offers per product
  2. Create seasonal offers per product
  3. Send Promotional SMS and Emails
  4. Set Discounts per product/services

24/7 Support system

A Handy support
System for the Software

We are here to listen from you deliver excellence

A.L.E.N. has in-built support widgets that let you get in touch with us directly without having fumble with other methods. All you got to do is go to the support section of the software and post a support ticket. One of us will get in touch with you as soon as possible depending on the nature of the problem. We have a dedicated support team in stand by for you at all times.

અમે સંપૂર્ણપણે બિન તકનીકી લોકો હતા અને અમે ફક્ત સ્વયંસંચાલિત એકાઉન્ટિંગ સિસ્ટમ્સ સાથે અમારા સ્વયંને ગોઠવવા માંગતા હતા. A.L.E.N. ERP અને સિલિકોનબ્રીક્સે અમને એકાઉન્ટિંગ લક્ષ્યો કરતાં વધુ પ્રાપ્ત કરવામાં સહાય કરી છે. A.L.E.N. ERPએ અમારી ઉત્પાદકતા સુધારવામાં અમને મદદ કરી.

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